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First Time Marathoner? Read this!

HALF & FULL MARATHON TIPS RACE WEEK 1. Don’t do anything new (eating new foods, getting a massage from a new massage therapist, wearing new shoes). 2. Hydrate well the entire week with water, and some electrolyte enhanced sports drinks. 3. Don’t overeat or...

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Happy Trails!

Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign Route I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a mapped out running route to the iconic Hollywood Sign online. After countless hours Googling, checking out hiking and city park websites, and mapmyrun, I finally just...

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Always Hurt As Much As Possible

If you like pain, that is! If you actually want to get stronger and healthier, you should avoid the "Always Hurt As Much As Possible" Technique. When I was a kid, my dad literally taped a “No Pain, No Gain” bumper sticker to my bedroom mirror so that I would see it as...

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