Writing or Running... It's What We Do

Shiny Objects

Most of the time tying on my shoes is the hardest part of my run. The will, sheer will, to get started takes more mental energy than actual physical energy I may expend. I'll feel powerful and clear headed after my run, but my muddled and exhausted mind can't remember...

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Nine months of pregnancy and three months of recovery, and I am in the worst shape of my life. Literally. I was a competitive athlete from the age of 7, and had always been able to train through injuries and illnesses. So here I am this year, turning 40 and trying to...

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Running 101 for Busy People

Are you new to #running or #marathoning? Trying to spice up your workouts? Want to get a great workout in a limited time? Check out my power point published here. There are so many more options than just putting one foot in front of the other. Enjoy and please comment...

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