Marissa Gee

Marissa Gee

Founder/Owner/Head Coach


Marissa Gee

Former Lawyer

As a former corporate lawyer, I understand the time and stress associated with working in a high-powered environment. I founded CorporateActive to teach employers how to adjust their corporate culture to ensure that their employees’ health, energy level and overall wellbeing are top priorities. 

Certified Coach and Trainer                           

As a certified personal trainer with NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) and a USATF (USA Track & Field Association) Certified Track and Field Coach, I have over 15 years of experience training and coaching everyone from novices to elite athletes. In addition to training my corporate marathon teams, I coach Cross Country and Track & Field at Santa Monica College, coach a women’s running group, teach senior fitness classes, and train one-on-one with clients. My clients range from first-time marathoners, to active seniors, to those recovering from surgery. If you are motivated to move your body, then you are an athlete. And I firmly believe that EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE!


I’m not just a coach; I’m still a competitive runner myself. I’ve run numerous marathons, including Boston, NY and LA, triathlons and obstacle course and mud runs. I’ll climb any and every mountain I can find and have tried (and enjoy!) every type of class from judo to yoga to Muay Thai. I simply just love moving my body! I am so thankful that I have a business of which I am utterly and completely passionate, work with amazingly determined people to achieve a very tangible goal, and get to run free outside all day long!


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