Our mission is to challenge employers to put their employee team members’ health at the forefront of their talent engagement goals, and to create an office environment in which healthy habits are encouraged, accepted and normalized.

And to challenge employees themselves to  accomplish the seemingly impossible task of running and finishing a marathon. Training for a race together is an intense bonding experience, and team members learn to work as a unit in support of one another, enabling them to transfer those skills to the workplace.

In addition to completing a marathon, triathlon or other endurance race, our mission is to enable each and every team member to strive for and achieve his/her best self- physically, mentally and energetically. Crossing the finish line of a marathon, especially with the support and motivation of your employer and co-workers, can be a life-altering experience. Through the training process, employees become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger, and create unshakeable bonds with their teammates/co-workers.

At CorporateActive, healthy employees are happy; happy employees are productive!

“Studies are showing that exercise is equally, if not more effective, than medication in addressing certain types of depression and anxiety disorders, and that exercise may help prevent or delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.”

— Brad Stulberg

Writer, Huffington Post