Nine months of pregnancy and three months of recovery, and I am in the worst shape of my life.


I was a competitive athlete from the age of 7, and had always been able to train through injuries and illnesses. So here I am this year, turning 40 and trying to regain some semblance of my former self, all while taking care of my new mini me.

Humbling, frustrating and utterly satisfying all at the same time!

It’s about reframing my perspective. I am not focusing on losing the baby weight or even getting toned. I want to be FIERCE! In fact, I AM FIERCE! I AM FIERCE because I challenge myself, and appreciate what level of challenge my body can handle at this moment in time. I don’t have to wait until I’m my fittest self to be FIERCE. My belly is flabby. I can’t run five miles. I can’t get through a fitness class without puking. I am FIERCE now because I workout as hard as I can, despite these.

Please let me know how you are FIERCE.

#Fierceon! #fierceisthenewskinny!