Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign Route

I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to find a mapped out running route to the iconic Hollywood Sign online. After countless hours Googling, checking out hiking and city park websites, and mapmyrun, I finally just strapped my munchkin into her baby carrier and headed to Griffith Park to map out my own route.

We started at the Griffith Observatory. So many trailheads. Where to begin?

The security guard at the entrance to the planetarium was way more helpful and precise than any website. He said to start at the Charlie Turner Trail (at the far of end of the parking lot) and take all lefts, except for a right turn onto a paved road and another right at the end if I wanted to run behind the Sign. It’s actually a more spectacular view from behind. It’s also much closer to the actual Sign, than if you go to the front.

Aside from getting caught in a rainstorm (which the baby actually laughed and enjoyed!), and two wrong turns, we made the 9 miles roundtrip safely.

Here is a well-marked, detailed route with notes specifying exactly where to start, all the crazy turns and which possible wrong turns to look out for.

The only problem is that aside from obscure wooden poles with numbers on them, none of the trails in Griffith Park are marked. A map may say “Mulholland Trail,” but the trail itself doesn’t. Is it so hard to put up “Hollywood Sign —>”?

Anyway, enjoy! Please let me know if you use this route and post photos!

Happy Trails!